Past Guests

2018 Guests

Kalman Andrasofszky – artist – Captain Canuck, Dazzler (RAID Studios)

Adriana Blake – cartoonist (and animator) – Fall on Me

Scott Chantler – cartoonist – Three Thieves, Northwest Passage

Richard Comely – creator of Captain Canuck – Saturday only

Nick Craine – artist – 5 Minute Hockey Stories, 5 Minute Stories for Fearless Girls

Anthony Falcone – writer – Northguard, Comic Con Men (RAID Studios)

Shilin Huang – cartoonist – Carciphona – Shilin will be signing from 3-5pm on Saturday only

Eric Kim* – cartoonist – Complete Plays of William Shakespeare, Love as a Foreign Language

Leonard Kirk – artist – Black Panther, Hunt for Wolverine Mystery in Madripoor

Jason Lapidus* – artist – Group of 7

Scott Mooney – artist – #Foodcrisis

Ryan North* – writer – Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Midas Touch, Adventure Time

Richard Pace – cover artist

Gabe Sapienza – artist – RAID Studios

Jason Smith – artist – Vagrant Queen

Kyle J. Smith – artist – RAID Studios

Lar de Souza – artist – Looking for Group

Patrick Sparrow – cartoonist – self-published

Jay Stephens – Emmy-award winning cartoonist – Oddville, Tutenstein

Marcus To – artist – Joyride, Nightwing (RAID Studios)

J.Torres* – writer – Brobots, Mighty Zodiac, Teen Titans Go, and so much more

Eric Vedder – artist – Street Fighter (RAID Studios)

*appearing on Sunday only

PLUS! Special appearances from:

Saturday: Doctor Who Society and 501st Legion – that means Daleks and Stormtroopers!

Sunday: Brampton Batman WITH the Batmobile!